Monday 7 July 2008

There's nothing cooler than a P40B titfer

Next stop Legoland: Hat 17 visits wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen...

I thought my friend Roger had said he'd be taking a photo of hat 17 in a nice bar. I obviously need to have my ears syringed again. What's worrying me is that I've already taken one P40B fan to task for wearing her hat in the shower. Now I find myself having to warn against the perils of sub-zero temperatures. Remember, the hats come from China and were manufactured out of cotton and polyester. I'm not sure how many extremes they can tolerate.

This is, however, the first photographic evidence of a titfer making it outside the UK. So hats off to Roger. But not for long, because we know that 70% of our body heat escapes through our heads.

This hat deserves a break in the sun. I hear whispers that it may be off to southern Italy, so keep checking back on the web's No 1 site for branded birthday headgear.

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Date: 6th July 08
Hat No: 17
Status: Controlled Release

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