Wednesday 9 July 2008

But where's Archie?

P40B goes five star without any help from Adobe: Princess relaxes at the Celtic Manor, near Newport. Click to enlarge.

Here's my friend Anita. You'll remember that I told you about her in my previous posts. She was the one who designed the attractive P40B logo and then started sending me pictures of her border terrier, Archie, wearing Photoshopped hats. Now she's done the right thing and mailed a genuine snap of herself in official branded headgear to (I'd sent her off to a five-star resort in Wales called the Celtic Manor. Told her she ought to treat herself.)

Good on you, Princess. It's now time for that hat to go semi-wild among trusted friends and close family members. And after that, who knows?

Location: South Wales, UK
Date: 9th July 08
Hat No: 26
Status: Controlled Release

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