Thursday 10 July 2008

Put your foot down and insist on a great P40B shot

My other car's a Fiat Punto: Ropey shows the prestige nature of the P40B brand. Click to enlarge.

As a media planner and buyer, my old friend Ropey does pretty well for himself and has amassed a collection of stylish motors over the years. Two more and he'll overtake David Beckham. Most of the vehicles are permanently garaged, but once in a while he'll take a couple out for a quick spin. And what better opportunity to show off the three hat? Unfortunately, while trying to drive two of his supercars simultaneously, Ropey had a bit of a prang and was thrown clear on the drive of his manor house in Essex. His special forces training thankfully came into play and he rolled himself straight into the recovery position.

Location: Ropey's front drive, Essex, UK
Date: 10th July 08
Hat No: 3
Status: Controlled Release

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