Friday 4 July 2008

Hat is lost over south London

All long campaigns have their casualties. I anticipated that some hats would disappear off the radar or maybe return damaged from their mission. No one prepared me, however, for a branded titfer going missing quite so soon.

News has arrived from the Purley Way in Croydon that hat number 16 never reached its destination. It was travelling by Royal Mail on controlled release at the start of its journey. The headgear hadn't even reached the stage of going 'wild' or viral.

I knew the envelope was a bit c**p, but the same packaging has provided adequate protection for hats landing in Essex, Exeter and as far afield as southern Germany. This one couldn't even make it ten miles.

What are the implications of this early loss? Well, I understand the importance of maintaining the integrity of the project. It's 40 white hats, not 39. You'll be glad to hear that I have a few replacements back at base and we'll attempt this sortie once again.

There's only one potential problem. What if some postie - driven perhaps by greed and seeing ebay riches flashing in front of his eyes - has taken possession of the original hat 16? And what if it starts to recirculate? We would face the anomaly of two hat 16s being in existence and 41 hats travelling the world.

One part of me says this potential scenario doesn't seem right and that I should do everything in my power to avoid it. The other says that I should get a life. It's only a bit of fun for God's sake. Extra hat, extra schmat.

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