Sunday 13 July 2008

Jurassic Park!

Budleigh, can you spare me the time? The Gabster takes a break from her artistic schedule to pose with a P40B hat on the Devon coastline.

My old friend Gabby emails from Devon, which is a seasidy place tucked away in the very south-westernmost corner of Britain. Apparently, it's divided up into different parts, one of which is called Budleigh Salterton Super Mare or Budsalt Supe for short. The location is a Jurassic Coast World Heritage site, which I think means they plan to shoot Jurassic Park IV there. If you look closely, you'll see very small dinosaurs paddling in the background and a couple of lighting blokes trying to introduce some artificial sun.

As a practising artist, Gabby knows how to match colours, which explains how the stripes of the beach hut are eerily similar to the Pantone reference of the distinctive P40B logo. Or maybe she repainted the hut and plans to enter it for the Turner Prize next year? Either way, I'm delighted that a titfer has made it to such a picturesque part of the UK and understand that it is set to travel even further afield.

As we speak, the hat is being packed into a suitcase that's heading for Texas. Is it possible to do tours of the Southfork ranch that featured in the popular 80s TV show Dallas? If so, please try to get a snap with a waxwork of Miss Ellie. "Why, ma'am, you are looking the real southern belle today, if you don't mind me sayin'. Is that a Stetson you have on? Or are you celebrating someone's birthday?"

Location: Devon, UK
Date: 13th Jul 08
Hat No: 14
Status: Controlled Release

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