Thursday 31 July 2008

Since my titfer left me, it's found a new place to dwell...

Hatbreak Hotel: Graham King and... er.... another King celebrate at Sun Studios

This picture has all the elements that make for a great P40B signature shot. Note the historic location - the studio in Memphis where Elvis Presley recorded his first track. And note the efforts that Graham is making to create a new piece of history in the American heartland.

The shot is just one of a number taken on a semi-wild excursion by birthday fans Gabby, Tim, Graham and Jane around the southern states of the US. They've done such an incredible job that I thought they deserved their own web page. Tap your feet and hold on to your hats, as you take a whistlestop tour around Tennessee.

This titfer was last seen in Austin, Texas and is set to go wild very soon.

Location: Memphis, TN, United States of America
Date: 23rd July 08
Hat No: 14
Status: Semi Wild

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