Friday 25 July 2008


This hairdresser's ain't big enough for the both of us: Brent swaps his ten-gallon hat for a branded P40B equivalent. Click to enlarge.

With this latest picture, it's difficult to tell whether we're entering a salon or a saloon. Brent - from Bar Hairdressing in Clerkenwell, London - plans to blast us with hot air, six-shooter style. Perched on his head is the four hat, which seems to be doing the rounds of this fashionable part of the British capital. But where the titfer will head next is by no means cut and dried. Reliable sources inform me that Bar is the place to go if you're looking for great hair. And they'll even throw in some drinks and a relaxing massage. Afterwards, I'm off to raduno, darling, for a drop of Pol Roger 1998.

Location: London, UK
Date: 25th July 08
Hat No: 4
Status: Semi Wild

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