Wednesday 16 July 2008

Starting gun fired for hat 23

Barrel of laughs: Fi takes aim while sporting her stylish P40B titfer. Click to enlarge.

Fiona lives in a very smart and sophisticated part of south-west London. To my certain knowledge there's an Iceland, a newsagent and a couple of charity shops within close walking distance of her home. The last armed robbery in the neigbourhood was probably a couple of weeks ago at least. Why, then, does she insist on carrying a double-barrelled shotgun with her at all times?

Here she is on one of her frequent training weekends in the country, under the watchful eye of ex army regulars. The instructors dress up as hoodies and wear baseball caps to add to the realism of the exercise, so it seems perfectly natural for eager students to bring their own headgear along too. A couple of birthday blasts from her shooter and Fi's tormentors are sent scurrying into the undergrowth. Back in Whitton, they'd be retreating down the alley between the high street and the car park by the library.

Titfer 23 is now with a honeymooning couple in Thailand. I'll be vetting the pictures very carefully, as this is a family website.

Location: Withheld for security reasons
Date: 16th July 08
Hat No: 23
Status: Controlled Release

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