Wednesday 27 August 2008

P40B steps up a gear

My old friend 'Stained Glass' Jan had to tread carefully when photographing hat 15. As part of a feared biker gang with a notorious reputation in southern England, she has an image to maintain. Any sign of weakness - support for some crazy bloke's 40th birthday celebrations, for instance - could lead to a vicious feud which could topple her from the apex of the group's power structure. She therefore moved her stylish Honda CBR125R twenty yards down the road and posed for just a split second.

With her six-speed gearbox, PGM-FI fuel injection and liquid-cooled, four-stroke engine, she was reckoning on being able to make a quick getaway. Unfortunately, she immediately stalled and drew unwanted attention to herself. She was last seen hiding in a transport caf, somewhere off Junction 12 of the M53 near Wrexham.

Location: High Beech, Epping Forest, UK
Date: 28th Aug 08
Hat No: 15
Status: Controlled Release

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