Wednesday 6 August 2008

Kiwi plan bears fruit

Snow joke: hat endures winter conditions in New Zealand

To paraphrase John Travolta in Pulp Fiction, the things that really fascinate me about the other side of the world are the little differences. Like it's a baking hot summer's day in London, but it's a freezing cold winter's day in New Zealand. Admittedly, my old friend Cozzer may have been half way up Mount Cook when she posed for this hat snap, but I've no way of knowing because I've lost her email. This is unlike me, but I was doing some nifty, remote-access wifi type stuff while away on holiday, saved her picture to my laptop but managed to delete her message. Very poor. I can promise other loyal hat fans that this won't happen again.

Anyway, Coz is an honorary south islander (she's actually an ex-pat Brit) and lives with her family in Christchurch. My guess is that this is the view out of her back bedroom window. And Hat 24 takes a place in the titfer hall of fame as it plunges the project further into the southern hemisphere than ever before.

Location: Unknown, New Zealand
Date: 6th August 08
Hat No: 24
Status: Controlled Release

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