Tuesday 5 August 2008

Chocks away as P40B takes off in Hendon

P40B reporting for duty, sir! A titfer visits the RAF's museum in Hendon, north of London.

Hendon is famous for two things: a police academy and its air museum. My namesake Phil probably feared arrest if he visited the former establishment, so opted very wisely to pose with his hat outside the RAF centre.

Don't be surprised if the distinctive P40B-style hat gets adopted as official uniform, particularly for hot battlezones such as Iraq and Afghanistan. Crafted in a Chinese factory out of polyester and cotton, it boasts breathing holes and a comforting sun-resistant brim. No camouflage versions available as yet, but it's something we can work on.

Tell you what, old chaps, I've got to skidaddle now. Titfer at two o'clock high.

Location: Hendon, UK
Date: 5th August 08
Hat No: 25
Status: Semi-wild

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