Thursday 14 August 2008

Ooh la la! C'est le dix-neuf!

Leesen vay carefully, I shall wear zeese titfa only wurnce.

If you'd wondered what had happened titfer 19 - and let's face it, hardly a day goes by without P40B fans pondering the fate of a favoured hat - the good news is that it's in the safe custody of my old friend Russ. Here he is in Boulevard de Tourisme, Lille, keeping his trademark barnet under control by means of a branded 'chapeau'. The shades are a nice touch and add an air of sophisticated menace to his pose. Locals scatter in all directions as the mad English hatman comes to town.

Where next for 19? Who can tell? For the moment, we're just joyeux that France has been visited at long last.

Location: Lille, France
Date: 14th Aug 08
Hat No: 19
Status: Controlled Release

1 comment:

gh said...

I wasn't worried about hat 19 so much as the whereabouts of Mr Russ. I didn't think he would pass up the opportunity to pose somewhere exotic in designer headgear. But at last, here he is. Bien!