Thursday 14 August 2008

The Grote Markt is a Grand Place for a titfer

Historic style: Walter shows off his headgear in front of the fifteenth century town hall in central Brussels

I had one of the finest onion soups I've ever tasted just off the "Grote Markt" in Brussels, so Walter's snap brings back fond memories. The adventurous traveller has somehow taken the ten titfer from sunny Spain right into the heart of the city that plays host to NATO and the European Parliament. The only thing missing from the shot is Belgium's most famous son, Jean-Claude Van Damme, but I expect he was otherwise engaged kicking butt.

Thanks very much for your birthday greetings, Walter. Hat number 10 is set to go truly wild now, loaded up on mussels and frites.

Location: Brussels, Belgium
Date: 14th Aug 08
Hat No: 10
Status: Semi Wild

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