Wednesday 27 August 2008

A few of my favourite hats

Superior shot: actor Robert Maskell introduces titfer 16 to other cast members in London's stage version of the Sound of Music. Click to enlarge.

With apologies to Messrs Rodgers & Hammerstein:

Kitsch shots on websites and titfers that travel
Birthdays the public can't start to unravel
P40B snaps with that extra zing
These are a few of Phil's favourite things

What can I say? Robert has excelled himself here with a shot that really captures the spirit of the whole hatstravaganza. In fact, I very firmly feel that Robert and his friends are an asset to the website. I wonder what my alter ego, Count Phillip von Woodford, will make of it all?

Location: Up West, London, UK
Date: 28th Aug 08
Hat No: 16
Status: Semi Wild

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