Friday 19 September 2008

Hat makes waves on the high seas

Ahoy there, shipmates! P40B hat on the horizon.

Another one that I shouldn't, strictly speaking, allow. My old friend Natalia has already featured in the P40B hall of fame, but she's done such a good job at sneaking her titfer on to a cruise ship, that I'm bending the rules for her just a tad. Note the signatures on the hat, indicating that it's already passed hands a number of times before circling its way back to the Natster. So, a second photo op is allowed on this occasion. But don't go thinking I'll allow anyone a hat trick. The branded headgear does have to change hands, you know.

Location: Somewhere off the Amalfi coast
Date: 19 Sept 08
Hat No: 5
Status: Semi Wild

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