Monday 1 September 2008

Number 11 on the streets of San Francisco

All aboard, now! The number 11 has come to town.

I don't know. You wait half an hour for a hat and then a whole load turn up at once.

This is my old friend Andy, who was born and raised in London, but now lives in NYC. He seems to be doing some kind of all-American tour, as he's sent me shots from Chicago and Kentucky and goodness knows where else. But it's these ones in Frisco that have particularly taken my fancy. Andy is riding the rails - at great personal risk - to get that perfect P40B shot. He seems to be very well dressed for the occasion and I'm not just referring to his branded headgear received on mail order from England. It looks as if he's actually donned a formal business suit, which shows a level of commitment and seriousness that is lacking in many of the other photos I've been sent. But then Andy does have an MBA from a top US business school and has held a number of high-powered consultancy jobs. This is probably him in dress down mode.

Great work. And we're promised further news from number 11 as it travels back to the north-east of the States.

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